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BBC’s Front Row: British Actors in America – ‘While Damian Lewis has turned out perfect casting as Sergeant Nicholas Brody in the  Showtime series Homeland’,It has been suggested that Americans  would not necessarily be fighting to play a character that is apparently a terrorist, that converted to Islam and is trying to  destroy Washington. Damian Lewis later remarks: “We could have spent the whole interview talking about this. This is very interesting conversation about the differences between, well, America and us. I  think, I think a lot of young actors do want to be the hero. And I have  some sympathy with that, because there is something particularly resonant. If you play a ‘baddy’ well, it has a particular resonance for people. You can really scare the crap out of people. Or make people feel uneasy. And its often difficult to see you as the hero and then you want to go off and play the hero.”

Later, contracting work in America was discussed and Damian had this to say:”you do have to sign up, ehh Yes, (background interaction:’7 years’), its an uneasy length of time. But, em, cable television of course is, is only 5 months. I say only 5 months of the year. But it is only 5 months of the year; You have 7 months available to you. It is possible to fit other things in. A lot of that time is spent fitting in my 2 kids and my wife. so, I will, I will get to a movie, em as of then…

Please note the first season of “Life was 11 episodes (while he was still single). He was contracted to finish 2nd season with 21 episodes, after which, he was married.

He chose not to contract in an American series again,  until CABLE TV came along, in the form of HOMELAND which only required 5 months a season at a contracted rate of $75,000 per episode.  I must bitterly conclude, he was only “American”, trying to get more bang for his buck.  He is rather well off (net worth of $14 million) his wife is a big celebrity and chooses to make as much money here, as possible,  in the shortest amount of time. Otherwise, he does it closer to home.

The real problem is that American entertainment can’t seem to get good talent locally.  They have to turn to the UK, where drama schools of the highest academic quality, much like the New York based Julliard School of Art and Music, are developed and flourish by the dozens in England and the UK.  They have reputation for the best dramatic schooling in the world.  So Hollywood is quite the British brunt of laughter, (all the way to the bank!).

*Be sure to note all the actors interviewed agree.

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Homeland 3

So, is it crystal clear? Brody may have been the one who put on the suicide vest, but he was messed up (through no fault of his own). Through no fault of your own

Does there need to be another elevator scene? This time with Tony Robbins, to shake up his thinking process and get his stuff straight.

Dev-il Come OUT!

Dev-il Come OUT!

At the end of season 2 we have to now jump to the conclusion that Brody has had a turn-around and become the guy on the run not for what he did, but rather, for what he didn’t do.

I’m an innocent man, why won’t they believe me?

Brody doesn’t want to lie. But he must.   Was he really lying or was that somebody telling the truth?  Can’t you see?  Peter Quinn, isn’t the only character wearing “two hats.” When questioned, why he put on that vest, the Brody-man denied it.  What?   Were they asking the wrong question?  It had to be the other guy,  the deranged Marine Sargent, Nicholas Brody,  that was turned by Nazir.  But, to quote Nicholas Brody,   “it wasn’t me.” (wait a minute, I’m confused)

The Mirror of personality

The Mirror of personality

Homeland’s game was played. For those who don’t know, a little science will explain that the recesses of the mind is a coordinated effort of chemicals and electrical impulses monitored, nourished and cleansed by neurons operating inside the brain. When this symphony of operation is disrupted over and over again, it causes emotional (nervous) breakdown. The accelerated process with repeated torment and torture can cause the brain to be tricked into disconnecting areas that govern social responsibility and/or fragment personality. (yes…seriously)

Today television programs in the name of entertainment, have become alternate reality from the real world we live in. By that kind of reasoning then, nothing that works here need apply there. Reality COULD work for Homeland. IF they send advanced transmissions of TMS through the boob tube, better known as Trans cranial Magnetic Stimulation.  This would modify public opinion about the show and keep us watching. That’s better than subliminal messaging.  (gotcha!)

Damian Lewis makes for a suspenseful character that writers use to keep us guessing. But it is the Brody-man who has been the center of the story.Brody lies.jpeg

Having done this too well, viewers expect to see him triumph. Producer/Writers may not have seen that coming. There are to many adoring fans, who want to feel good about the Brody character and see their favorite actor come out on top. The popular opinion among Damian Lewis fans is, (this comes from the highest international authority there is: Damian bunnies.) who crave: for Homeland” (CIA) Security, to secretly swear in our anti-hero as their top agent. In this way, Saul could still, never fully trust him. In this way he could remain a hero to all those adoring fans and keep the suspense going.

And if you don’t think that can’t happen, just look at what NBC did. NBC “turned” the  nerd  Chuck  into  a  sort of , 007 type , of super spy and kept the romance going. Should Homeland writers do any less?

That last episode turning Brody into a fugitive over that CIA bombing was just a writer’s excuse to split our lovers up and return to chasing after the bad guy.   I could report the details all day long on who did what to who, as endless possibilities from the minds of these producer/writers.  Here say says that we say, when it was them who said the show was done the way it was because:  “this is what the viewers want.”   Taking a closer look at the truth, they create what they hope, the viewers want,  in order to put the cast and crew to work with long term contracts.

Ya could'a had it all kid!

Ya could’a had it all kid!

Need we say more?

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Inspiration Page

connection to the question: inspirations of love and prose

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Homeland, “To Be or Not To Be.” Is that the question?

Date: Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:05 am

Damian Lewis  Claire Danes

Damian Lewis Claire Danes

After reading everything about the program from all over the internet,  one must conclude the story board of “Homeland” is drawing from current events to create characters of interest. The story is really about the human drama weaved into thriller episodes, schizo-mania and adulterous love affairs.

So, to say Bi-polar Carrie might wake up from a “shock treatment” and find season 2 was all a bad dream that hasn’t happened yet. Or better yet, even if Carrie can clear the name of her lover, Nicholas Brody, the CIA will NOT recant their accusation against Brody knowing that Brody is what he is, because he is more useful as a fugitive than an honest man.

Damian was signed on for 7 seasons, (2 down, working on 3 and 4 to go.)  But, Damian Lewis maintains his role of Brody, writers “can kill me off any time they want” (do they have something in mind?)

The public contention is that the story of Homeland is based on serious script with serious characters as the original story for season 1 suggested. That being the case then, the characters and story line need to depicted as real. Just like people who work those kinds of jobs in real life would really be like and do. Just like a cop show is watched by cops, “Homeland” is watched by Homeland Security.  Supposition contends that, the show has a better chance of staying on the air, because it is filled with holes and alternate reality, rather than becoming more like a dramatized documentary.

Damian’s manic role of “Keane” prompted writers and producers to select him for the role of Brody.  But it is Damian’s sensuality that has surmounted the character intent of Brody and has audiences thronging for more.

That unexpected twist of drama, is what turned season 1 into season 2, which by the way, is why Damian Lewis was nominated and won the Emmy. In reality, it doesn’t seem possible for Brody to continue into season three and yet he will, in fact he must.  Filming begins in May 2013 

*(new update – Zero Dark Thirty is getting slammed because of it’s depiction that The CIA used torture. The movie is “A chronicle of the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden after the September 2001 attacks, and his death at the hands of the Navy S.E.A.L. Team 6 in May, 2011”) – added Jan 3, 2013

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My take on “Life” VS “Homeland” Staring Damian Lewis

safe_imageMy take on “Life” VS “Homeland” Staring Damian Lewis happened because I started watching Homeland. It happened because I am enthralled with Damian Lewis. I rejoiced in the TV drama “Life” and began the hunt for this hotbed of talent that the public just hasn’t recognized yet.    The series’ creator Rand Ravich, according to WIKI, created the character of Charlie Crews as the basis for the show; upon the completion of the script (rather like putting the cart before the horse).  Regardless, the human interest of  this story,  was perfectly complemented by veteran actor,  Damian Lewis. The portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews, by Damian Lewis,  is what sparked my interest in the actor in the first place.

Learning as much about Damian Lewis as possible, led me to several opinions.  Firstly, the man has learned how to use his gifts and skills to woo his audience. That makes him appealing.  Secondly, His quiet presence and confident portrayal include acting techniques and body language that heat up home fires. (Breathe on me Damian, and fog my glasses)   Third, the man, Damian, was born in London,  that has a reputation of cultivating tremendous theatrical legacy.

Damian Lewis was not born in the USA and calls himself “a pesky Brit”  Most people know by now, that he was not born or raised in the USA. But, this seems to work to his advantage.  Damian Lewis comes from aristocratic stock,  has been well educated and was expected to follow in his family tradition. Rather than “go to University”, he chose a theatrical career never realizing that this would lead to Television and Cinema as well.   It suffices to say, that the actor, as well as the man, has integrated himself into a well crafted international star.

In this continuous quest to understand what makes an actor, a good one,  you have to observe how they move and what is so obviously expressed through their five senses.  To be or not to be cast into a great role,  is determined not by looks alone, but by stage presence and how well they convince you of their sincerity. They appear to be genuine to the character they are cast to portray. And that’s the trick isn’t it? Becoming adept at not telling the truth of who you really are.

Damian Lewis’ two decades of acting experience and his winning role as an American war hero in “Band of Brothers” was significant.  However, it was the role of “Keane” (a rather disturbed character),  that contributed to the decision to hire Damian as the damaged soul of Nicholas Brody.  The role of Brody was written to play off the blond CIA agent (Claire Danes who plays Carrie) who was principal in the capture of Nazir, written with regard to recent history and capture of Bin Laden.

Damian Lewis  Claire Danes

Damian Lewis Claire Danes

According to WIKI, Homeland is an American television series that Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa developed based on the Israeli series Hatufim (English title: Prisoners of War), which was created by Gideon Raff. The series stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a Central Intelligence Agency officer, and Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine. Mathison has come to believe that Brody, who was held captive by Al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, was “turned” by the enemy and now threatens the United States”

By the end of season 2,  we find Brody has fled the country with Carries help. Third season premieres with Saul as Executive Director of the newly rebuilt CIA and Carrie at his side. Her “choice” to return to the CIA was motivated to clear the current charges of the CIA bombing,  against Nicholas Brody, the man she loves.  The character of Nicholas Brody was ill-fated from the start. He now has become a fugitive on the run.   The big question is: “Who in their right mind would help a fugitive that the media says killed over 200 people who were working for their country?” Good luck with that one.

Fans of the show know that Brody is NOT innocent from a lot of things.   But, he only killed the bad guys.  Right?  The conundrum is that Brody never considered himself a terrorist while making a tape in full Marine dress, confessing he was going to blow up the Vice President by suicide (talk about denial), .  The character of this POW returning to the home of “In God We Trust” America, was portrayed as a secret convert to Islam.   In case you missed it, the Koran reads: the infidel (non-believer) is worthy of death.   That is the kind of subversion that most viewers have difficulty with.  Writers carefully wrote that his times of prayer were segregated from his acts of aggression,  that people were not confused with Al-Qaeda terrorism,  as many would identify the religion.

Damian’s role was masterfully played and has been honored by winning an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama series 2012 and nominated for the 2013* Golden Globe Award, (update: Damian Lewis won for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series)* as well as the coveted, Screen Actors Guild Award.

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There are and were many more nominations and awards over the last twelve years including mention as being one of the Sexiest Men in The World.  I agree with them.

For more information go to:

However, people who liked the series “Life”,  really enjoyed Damian’s performance as Detective Charlie Crews – L A P D.

Damian in LIFE

The allusion to Zen in  Crews’ philosophy complimented his character to  “speak softly and carry a big stick.  The complexity of the fruit loving investigator, Detective Charlie Crews was well written for the series “Life”.   All things being connected. Damian was connected to the role of Crews, who was connected to the creator, Rand Ravich who was connected to NBC, who was connected to viewers like me.     I say it is time for Damian Lewis to get re-connected with a role that connects with the viewer. What do you think, Damian? At least now you know what I mean about ‘my take on “Life” VS “Homeland” Staring Damian Lewis’.

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