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I work at home, reviewing group discussion from the field of science to religion and politics. There is no Holy Grail hidden that the eye can not see. We are all people and I write about that. Holding a cross current view on life, I give perspective on the associated news media and interests that affect the world we live in. Blogging is meant to be informative and creative. That's what I bring to the plate: concerning the hottest talent found on Internet media. I also cover international Films and Cinematography including but not limited to the latest in science and science fiction. Looking at the brighter side of life, I also write to promote vision and focus on the world we live in with spiritual perspective. My purpose is to find meaning and bring out the humorous side of the issues that seem so serious in the world. Not that these issues aren't important. But, rather to give perspective to the reader about the world we live in. I am originally from West Coast but have been living in the Midwest of these United States, for the last 37 years. I have had opportunity to travel extensively on the North American Continent. Have met hundreds of people from various social, political and religious backgrounds, all having opinions and strategies on how to live life. Having gained some knowledge and sensibility of the human condition, gives for greater depth of understanding the human spirit. So whether inspiration comes from the internet or a good book. It's all relative because it is about people. Observations on how people conduct their lives, not literally of course, but in keeping with what other people think is socially acceptable, politically correct or conceived in a pool of creative ethics. What is right for one, may not be right for all but then we are all different. I give my prospectus on what makes up our world. (see some of my blogs) Writing has always been therapeutic, in answer to the world evolving around me. I don't claim to be an expert on much of any particular set of rules or circumstances regarding it, except to express how I have experienced forgiveness of man and the grace of God in this evolving culture. To me, writing was just a way to put life in perspective. Facts always evidences against the agony of ignorance and humor combats the mundane and impossible situations we get ourselves into. Being shy most of my life, I was continually being pointed out as the 'ring leader'. I wasn't leading anyone because I stopped them from following me. Today having extended my education to a broader view of how the world functions among it's people, I have started to share my collection of expressions to those who have a heart to listen and a mind to comprehend. Our body is water, dirt and sex. Our thinking controls what we do and how we respect it. We are all made up of the same stuff. But, it is how we perceive who and what we are, that makes all the difference. I keep an open mind.

Of God and Generals

From the first in a series titled: “Of Gods and Generals” The story did show phenomenal cultural differences, from the sound of their voices to the clothes that they wore as well as how they lived. It has been said … Continue reading

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For Sale

Tag it or bag it and people will buy it.

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Happiness Comes To Those Who Wait

Try as you might, you will find very slim newsworthy pickings these days over Damian Lewis. He is home in England after all the awards given at the Golden Globes and SAG Award Ceremonies.  Although everyone in the Homeland cast … Continue reading

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Homeland or Bust

A dance around the floor before heading out to rest up before the flight home.  What a party!  Damian is quite the lover boy and knows how to treat his woman. Tears roll down my cheek as I write to … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2013: Damian Lewis Has A Laugh Over Saturday Night Live Homeland Parody Before winning Best Actor in a Television Series – Drama for “Homeland,” Damian Lewis and wife Helen McCrory have a good laugh with Billy Bush over the “Saturday Night Live” parody mocking his barely-open mouth. Plus, what do he … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished

Golden Globes Galore. I think it is just wonderful that Homeland cast and crew did it again. Gansa was so concerned about ‘screwing up’ He did good. Or at least he put his best effort to framing his star attraction as the … Continue reading

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What to Wear

What to wear, so many choices so little time. In early times Damian used to wear suits by Jasper Conran, said to be a friend of his, but viewers agree they never thought they suited him well, always seemed a bit … Continue reading

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