Of God and Generals

From the first in a series titled: “Of Gods and Generals” The story did show phenomenal cultural differences, from the sound of their voices to the clothes that they wore as well as how they lived. It has been said the Yankee was just a little quicker in speech and step because of the cold environment of the North and The Southerner, a little slower in the heat.


Money and power were the issue of the Civil War and it was tied into the ownership of slaves. The North’s concern was cost differences in the rate of exchange in merchandise. The price of Cotton, tobacco and what southern crops provided, kept going up. Everyone knew their cost of production was the cost of a slave. The rate of exchange was affected and Southern plantation owners grew rich, divining culture, while their counterparts could not. To counter the costs and price fixing, it was decided that slavery would be abolished along with the Southern cry for freedom of choice to use it.

By political representation the Southern way of life was contingent on what the Union was going to do about it. There was no mistake made when General Lee was first approached to represent the Union to keep the unity of the nation. President Abraham Lincoln knew this man of the South, was key to success, in winning the war without battle. If Robert E Lee could be won by the White House, the war could have been a police action. All was done to level the economy. The common man, although free, was still fighting the elements of nature and defending his home. Certainly the terrain had everything to do with what could be done with the land. The established families owned the good of the land while others struggled trying to make ends meet. It was among the rural communities of the south and the slums of the north that soldiers that were rallied to fight the rich man’s war.


As in all war, it starts with a command to shoot someone, then they shoot back. Once the damage is done, the soldiers who engage in the heat of battle become deeply wounded and others killed. The “cause” or reason fell quickly to revenge and blind anger as the Civil War continued, it wasn’t about defending their home against invasion any more but it became personal vendetta by retaliation. The leaders and General’s strategies and commands were met and obeyed in defending their “cause” to bring a swift and decisive end to all the pain and death concerning their war. Now we wonder if they had it to do over again, would the Confederacy be so retaliatory and the Union so belligerent? The answer is just as obvious as it was done. Men have to be broken before they can concede to this truth.

History tells us the Confederacy felt justified when they read in the Bible, that slavery was an acceptable practice of the ancient Christian world. Therefore, they debated, that slavery was acceptable. However, as most men do, they read what they want to confirm what they already believe. In Ancient times, men and women became slaves by choice and sold themselves into slavery along with their offspring that their lives would be preserved against starvation and death. They were provided for in exchange for service. However, slavery was not a lifetime. They were all given opportunity for freedom and the end of their service. The slaves of the deep South, were merchandised as imported goods from Africa and only as a means to an end.


We have the capability to destroy our planet. It may well be that someday an asteroid will do the job for us. But while we are here, we must learn from our mistakes. It is the traditions of men that are self approved and used to expand vast empires and personal wealth. Let the lessons of God and the Generals be a warning to the future. We are here for a time of testing to prove if we will follow the commands of God and be willing to be made into the image of Jesus Christ. We do not need war to prove our faith in God we need faith to prove ourselves in God.


About victory2glory

I work at home, reviewing group discussion from the field of science to religion and politics. There is no Holy Grail hidden that the eye can not see. We are all people and I write about that. Holding a cross current view on life, I give perspective on the associated news media and interests that affect the world we live in. Blogging is meant to be informative and creative. That's what I bring to the plate: concerning the hottest talent found on Internet media. I also cover international Films and Cinematography including but not limited to the latest in science and science fiction. Looking at the brighter side of life, I also write to promote vision and focus on the world we live in with spiritual perspective. My purpose is to find meaning and bring out the humorous side of the issues that seem so serious in the world. Not that these issues aren't important. But, rather to give perspective to the reader about the world we live in. I am originally from West Coast but have been living in the Midwest of these United States, for the last 37 years. I have had opportunity to travel extensively on the North American Continent. Have met hundreds of people from various social, political and religious backgrounds, all having opinions and strategies on how to live life. Having gained some knowledge and sensibility of the human condition, gives for greater depth of understanding the human spirit. So whether inspiration comes from the internet or a good book. It's all relative because it is about people. Observations on how people conduct their lives, not literally of course, but in keeping with what other people think is socially acceptable, politically correct or conceived in a pool of creative ethics. What is right for one, may not be right for all but then we are all different. I give my prospectus on what makes up our world. (see some of my blogs) Writing has always been therapeutic, in answer to the world evolving around me. I don't claim to be an expert on much of any particular set of rules or circumstances regarding it, except to express how I have experienced forgiveness of man and the grace of God in this evolving culture. To me, writing was just a way to put life in perspective. Facts always evidences against the agony of ignorance and humor combats the mundane and impossible situations we get ourselves into. Being shy most of my life, I was continually being pointed out as the 'ring leader'. I wasn't leading anyone because I stopped them from following me. Today having extended my education to a broader view of how the world functions among it's people, I have started to share my collection of expressions to those who have a heart to listen and a mind to comprehend. Our body is water, dirt and sex. Our thinking controls what we do and how we respect it. We are all made up of the same stuff. But, it is how we perceive who and what we are, that makes all the difference. I keep an open mind.
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