Happiness Comes To Those Who Wait

Try as you might, you will find very slim newsworthy pickings these days over Damian Lewis. damian innocentHe is home in England after all the awards given at the Golden Globes and SAG Award Ceremonies.  Although everyone in the Homeland cast showed up, the S A G loss was to be expected. It’s been said the S A G or rather Screen Actors Guild Award, has long been an American trophy.  It started with Hollywood professionals. Hard as the British invasion has hit the American screen, the home team can not keep losing to the visitors.

Faux pas, Pernell!

Faux pas, Pernell!

Wiki has plenty to say about Pernell Roberts.  (isn’t he cute?) Anyway,  remember the ta-do over the character, Adam Cartwright, wearing a black hat. He was interviewed about that time and said he was trying to change the symbolism of wearing a   black over a white hat.  It was a stigma of stereotyping the character. The American story has always had the good guy wearing the white hat triumphing over bad guy wearing the black hat. The public can more easily identify who is who. It was that kind of symbol that Pernell Roberts tried to change.  Although he returned to super stardom for “Trapper John MD” I guess you really can’t interfere with type casting and re-writing the character.

Brilliant diagnostician and Beloved Physician

Brilliant diagnostician and Beloved Physician

The Brits are known for their buoyancy to be the bad guy in one series and good in the next and then flip-flop, without interfering with their popularity. They are known for being able to pull it off, so far. But you guys, got to know by now, not everybody agrees.  Just ask Hugh Laurie. However he stayed with it for eight years. He may have made enough money on residual, he doesn’t have to try to come back. In reality, he maintained a rugged appearance for the television show “House” as the lead character did not have to be handsome, just brilliant! There just aren’t that many roles left for a first class know-it-all with a rapier wit and insurmountable brain of medical knowledge.  Sorry Hugh, you have been typecast.

The filming of Homeland begins in a few short months. I hope Damian can get what ever he planned to do, done. He is running out of time to be the at-home-dad and superstar of the London stage he wants to be. Although after next season,  reaching for another might not be the best choice. He may prefer the alternative. Hollywood has a problem with type-casting television stars and who wants this guy? Don’t worry Damian, it will all be over soon.

Damian's Stabbed Hand All that intensity is just a bit much. It was better when your character was more in control of the outcome. I think that is why I liked the series: LIFE. It had a reason for being there. Do the backers really need a script that has a plot and an expected outcome or do they just wing it? Good luck with that one. I am sure you may be their only hope. Brilliant!

damian on a bikeIt looks like some spectator sports are in order and parties to attend. Otherwise, as Damian said, he plans to spend as much time with his family as possible. Who Knew? He’s a family man. Not like the die-hard Hollywood stars of old. I guess after nearly a hundred plus years of movie making, the thrill of being Super Star, is being measured by how much money you can make, in as little time as possible, so you can get busy building walls from the public that promoted you in the first place. (are you still with me?) Did I say that? No, I meant, The trick is to earn as much as you possibly can, in as little time as possible and walk away with all the rewards you deserve. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? Thought so. When you can do that! You can do what you want because you are the Star and they’re not. So there.

Wait a minute, isn’t that what the press said about you-know-who?. Stars in Hollywood, Stars in Government, Government in Hollywood, Hollywood in Government. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about!

My Hero, My President and Star of Stage Screen and Television

My Hero, My President and Star of Stage Screen and Television


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