My take on “Life” VS “Homeland” Staring Damian Lewis

safe_imageMy take on “Life” VS “Homeland” Staring Damian Lewis happened because I started watching Homeland. It happened because I am enthralled with Damian Lewis. I rejoiced in the TV drama “Life” and began the hunt for this hotbed of talent that the public just hasn’t recognized yet.    The series’ creator Rand Ravich, according to WIKI, created the character of Charlie Crews as the basis for the show; upon the completion of the script (rather like putting the cart before the horse).  Regardless, the human interest of  this story,  was perfectly complemented by veteran actor,  Damian Lewis. The portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews, by Damian Lewis,  is what sparked my interest in the actor in the first place.

Learning as much about Damian Lewis as possible, led me to several opinions.  Firstly, the man has learned how to use his gifts and skills to woo his audience. That makes him appealing.  Secondly, His quiet presence and confident portrayal include acting techniques and body language that heat up home fires. (Breathe on me Damian, and fog my glasses)   Third, the man, Damian, was born in London,  that has a reputation of cultivating tremendous theatrical legacy.

Damian Lewis was not born in the USA and calls himself “a pesky Brit”  Most people know by now, that he was not born or raised in the USA. But, this seems to work to his advantage.  Damian Lewis comes from aristocratic stock,  has been well educated and was expected to follow in his family tradition. Rather than “go to University”, he chose a theatrical career never realizing that this would lead to Television and Cinema as well.   It suffices to say, that the actor, as well as the man, has integrated himself into a well crafted international star.

In this continuous quest to understand what makes an actor, a good one,  you have to observe how they move and what is so obviously expressed through their five senses.  To be or not to be cast into a great role,  is determined not by looks alone, but by stage presence and how well they convince you of their sincerity. They appear to be genuine to the character they are cast to portray. And that’s the trick isn’t it? Becoming adept at not telling the truth of who you really are.

Damian Lewis’ two decades of acting experience and his winning role as an American war hero in “Band of Brothers” was significant.  However, it was the role of “Keane” (a rather disturbed character),  that contributed to the decision to hire Damian as the damaged soul of Nicholas Brody.  The role of Brody was written to play off the blond CIA agent (Claire Danes who plays Carrie) who was principal in the capture of Nazir, written with regard to recent history and capture of Bin Laden.

Damian Lewis  Claire Danes

Damian Lewis Claire Danes

According to WIKI, Homeland is an American television series that Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa developed based on the Israeli series Hatufim (English title: Prisoners of War), which was created by Gideon Raff. The series stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a Central Intelligence Agency officer, and Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine. Mathison has come to believe that Brody, who was held captive by Al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, was “turned” by the enemy and now threatens the United States”

By the end of season 2,  we find Brody has fled the country with Carries help. Third season premieres with Saul as Executive Director of the newly rebuilt CIA and Carrie at his side. Her “choice” to return to the CIA was motivated to clear the current charges of the CIA bombing,  against Nicholas Brody, the man she loves.  The character of Nicholas Brody was ill-fated from the start. He now has become a fugitive on the run.   The big question is: “Who in their right mind would help a fugitive that the media says killed over 200 people who were working for their country?” Good luck with that one.

Fans of the show know that Brody is NOT innocent from a lot of things.   But, he only killed the bad guys.  Right?  The conundrum is that Brody never considered himself a terrorist while making a tape in full Marine dress, confessing he was going to blow up the Vice President by suicide (talk about denial), .  The character of this POW returning to the home of “In God We Trust” America, was portrayed as a secret convert to Islam.   In case you missed it, the Koran reads: the infidel (non-believer) is worthy of death.   That is the kind of subversion that most viewers have difficulty with.  Writers carefully wrote that his times of prayer were segregated from his acts of aggression,  that people were not confused with Al-Qaeda terrorism,  as many would identify the religion.

Damian’s role was masterfully played and has been honored by winning an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama series 2012 and nominated for the 2013* Golden Globe Award, (update: Damian Lewis won for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series)* as well as the coveted, Screen Actors Guild Award.

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There are and were many more nominations and awards over the last twelve years including mention as being one of the Sexiest Men in The World.  I agree with them.

For more information go to:

However, people who liked the series “Life”,  really enjoyed Damian’s performance as Detective Charlie Crews – L A P D.

Damian in LIFE

The allusion to Zen in  Crews’ philosophy complimented his character to  “speak softly and carry a big stick.  The complexity of the fruit loving investigator, Detective Charlie Crews was well written for the series “Life”.   All things being connected. Damian was connected to the role of Crews, who was connected to the creator, Rand Ravich who was connected to NBC, who was connected to viewers like me.     I say it is time for Damian Lewis to get re-connected with a role that connects with the viewer. What do you think, Damian? At least now you know what I mean about ‘my take on “Life” VS “Homeland” Staring Damian Lewis’.

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Of God and Generals

From the first in a series titled: “Of Gods and Generals” The story did show phenomenal cultural differences, from the sound of their voices to the clothes that they wore as well as how they lived. It has been said the Yankee was just a little quicker in speech and step because of the cold environment of the North and The Southerner, a little slower in the heat.


Money and power were the issue of the Civil War and it was tied into the ownership of slaves. The North’s concern was cost differences in the rate of exchange in merchandise. The price of Cotton, tobacco and what southern crops provided, kept going up. Everyone knew their cost of production was the cost of a slave. The rate of exchange was affected and Southern plantation owners grew rich, divining culture, while their counterparts could not. To counter the costs and price fixing, it was decided that slavery would be abolished along with the Southern cry for freedom of choice to use it.

By political representation the Southern way of life was contingent on what the Union was going to do about it. There was no mistake made when General Lee was first approached to represent the Union to keep the unity of the nation. President Abraham Lincoln knew this man of the South, was key to success, in winning the war without battle. If Robert E Lee could be won by the White House, the war could have been a police action. All was done to level the economy. The common man, although free, was still fighting the elements of nature and defending his home. Certainly the terrain had everything to do with what could be done with the land. The established families owned the good of the land while others struggled trying to make ends meet. It was among the rural communities of the south and the slums of the north that soldiers that were rallied to fight the rich man’s war.


As in all war, it starts with a command to shoot someone, then they shoot back. Once the damage is done, the soldiers who engage in the heat of battle become deeply wounded and others killed. The “cause” or reason fell quickly to revenge and blind anger as the Civil War continued, it wasn’t about defending their home against invasion any more but it became personal vendetta by retaliation. The leaders and General’s strategies and commands were met and obeyed in defending their “cause” to bring a swift and decisive end to all the pain and death concerning their war. Now we wonder if they had it to do over again, would the Confederacy be so retaliatory and the Union so belligerent? The answer is just as obvious as it was done. Men have to be broken before they can concede to this truth.

History tells us the Confederacy felt justified when they read in the Bible, that slavery was an acceptable practice of the ancient Christian world. Therefore, they debated, that slavery was acceptable. However, as most men do, they read what they want to confirm what they already believe. In Ancient times, men and women became slaves by choice and sold themselves into slavery along with their offspring that their lives would be preserved against starvation and death. They were provided for in exchange for service. However, slavery was not a lifetime. They were all given opportunity for freedom and the end of their service. The slaves of the deep South, were merchandised as imported goods from Africa and only as a means to an end.


We have the capability to destroy our planet. It may well be that someday an asteroid will do the job for us. But while we are here, we must learn from our mistakes. It is the traditions of men that are self approved and used to expand vast empires and personal wealth. Let the lessons of God and the Generals be a warning to the future. We are here for a time of testing to prove if we will follow the commands of God and be willing to be made into the image of Jesus Christ. We do not need war to prove our faith in God we need faith to prove ourselves in God.

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For Sale

For Sale

Tag it or bag it and people will buy it.

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Happiness Comes To Those Who Wait

Try as you might, you will find very slim newsworthy pickings these days over Damian Lewis. damian innocentHe is home in England after all the awards given at the Golden Globes and SAG Award Ceremonies.  Although everyone in the Homeland cast showed up, the S A G loss was to be expected. It’s been said the S A G or rather Screen Actors Guild Award, has long been an American trophy.  It started with Hollywood professionals. Hard as the British invasion has hit the American screen, the home team can not keep losing to the visitors.

Faux pas, Pernell!

Faux pas, Pernell!

Wiki has plenty to say about Pernell Roberts.  (isn’t he cute?) Anyway,  remember the ta-do over the character, Adam Cartwright, wearing a black hat. He was interviewed about that time and said he was trying to change the symbolism of wearing a   black over a white hat.  It was a stigma of stereotyping the character. The American story has always had the good guy wearing the white hat triumphing over bad guy wearing the black hat. The public can more easily identify who is who. It was that kind of symbol that Pernell Roberts tried to change.  Although he returned to super stardom for “Trapper John MD” I guess you really can’t interfere with type casting and re-writing the character.

Brilliant diagnostician and Beloved Physician

Brilliant diagnostician and Beloved Physician

The Brits are known for their buoyancy to be the bad guy in one series and good in the next and then flip-flop, without interfering with their popularity. They are known for being able to pull it off, so far. But you guys, got to know by now, not everybody agrees.  Just ask Hugh Laurie. However he stayed with it for eight years. He may have made enough money on residual, he doesn’t have to try to come back. In reality, he maintained a rugged appearance for the television show “House” as the lead character did not have to be handsome, just brilliant! There just aren’t that many roles left for a first class know-it-all with a rapier wit and insurmountable brain of medical knowledge.  Sorry Hugh, you have been typecast.

The filming of Homeland begins in a few short months. I hope Damian can get what ever he planned to do, done. He is running out of time to be the at-home-dad and superstar of the London stage he wants to be. Although after next season,  reaching for another might not be the best choice. He may prefer the alternative. Hollywood has a problem with type-casting television stars and who wants this guy? Don’t worry Damian, it will all be over soon.

Damian's Stabbed Hand All that intensity is just a bit much. It was better when your character was more in control of the outcome. I think that is why I liked the series: LIFE. It had a reason for being there. Do the backers really need a script that has a plot and an expected outcome or do they just wing it? Good luck with that one. I am sure you may be their only hope. Brilliant!

damian on a bikeIt looks like some spectator sports are in order and parties to attend. Otherwise, as Damian said, he plans to spend as much time with his family as possible. Who Knew? He’s a family man. Not like the die-hard Hollywood stars of old. I guess after nearly a hundred plus years of movie making, the thrill of being Super Star, is being measured by how much money you can make, in as little time as possible, so you can get busy building walls from the public that promoted you in the first place. (are you still with me?) Did I say that? No, I meant, The trick is to earn as much as you possibly can, in as little time as possible and walk away with all the rewards you deserve. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? Thought so. When you can do that! You can do what you want because you are the Star and they’re not. So there.

Wait a minute, isn’t that what the press said about you-know-who?. Stars in Hollywood, Stars in Government, Government in Hollywood, Hollywood in Government. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about!

My Hero, My President and Star of Stage Screen and Television

My Hero, My President and Star of Stage Screen and Television

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Homeland or Bust

Damian after a few

Here at the Golden Globe party after a few. It may have been warm for him with good reason. They seem to be really enjoying their limelight.


Dancing away with the young man that played his son on Homeland. ‘Chris’ wasn’t drinking. But they were just dancing and singing and having a good old time.

Damian only has eyes for you

Dance with me darling! You are my guiding star, the love of my life, the mother of my children and my devoted wife.

A dance around the floor before heading out to rest up before the flight home.  What a party!  Damian is quite the lover boy and knows how to treat his woman.

Tears roll down my cheek as I write to say, this has been one very dynamic event filled season for Damian.  Well Done! Enjoy your rest.  You get to do it again. Season three begins filming May 16 and premiers Sept 29

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Damian_Home from London

Home at last.

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Golden Globes 2013: Damian Lewis Has A Laugh Over Saturday Night Live Homeland Parody

Before winning Best Actor in a Television Series – Drama for “Homeland,” Damian Lewis and wife Helen McCrory have a good laugh with Billy Bush over the “Saturday Night Live” parody mocking his barely-open mouth. Plus, what do he and his wife think about the Judi Dench drinking game? And Damian reveals this night is job opportunity night, and Billy Bush encourages them to make a night of it, being beautiful, famous and so talented.

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Mission Accomplished

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis

Golden Globes Galore. I think it is just wonderful that Homeland cast and crew did it again. Gansa was so concerned about ‘screwing up’ He did good. Or at least he put his best effort to framing his star attraction as the focal point of the show. What will he do now? Both Damian and Claire won. (next year Mandy!)

This is going to be another ‘Mission Impossible’ for producer/writers of Homeland. I will be watching with great anticipation.

By the way does anyone have tabs on the ladies Damian mentioned, Alex, Stephanie and Pipper who were there when he was a Drama Student and have ‘nannied’ him ever since.

I think him gallant for such care and mention of those who have supported him through the years. It was just heart warming to hear him mention how his mother in heaven, who must be “bursting with pride and talking to all of those around her, how well her son is doing in acting” Bravo Damian!

via damianlewis : Message: Mission Accomplished.

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What to Wear

damian and helencloseup

What to wear, so many choices so little time.

In early times Damian used to wear suits by Jasper Conran, said to be a friend of his, but viewers agree they never thought they suited him well, always seemed a bit skimpy or ill-fitting in the sleeves – maybe because he has good biceps that didn’t allow for all that muscle His recent appearance on display publicly, finds him utterly stunning in that grey suit with waistcoat by Burberry.

He makes an excellent model. At publicity shoots or magazine interviews, always his dashing best anytime in the flesh. On the street and caught off guard, his wear is a bit untidy jumble of comfort clothes, leather jacket, shirt hanging out, jeans.
Otherwise he has select pieces that he frequently wears, (just recycling what he already owns) a dark greenish velvet jacket that must be an old favorite of his. His formal wear is probably owned as his taste is impeccable and they show off his best physique.

The only complaint he’s ever made was his wardrobe selection for the show he did in “Life”. He was always remarking about their choice of clothes he had to wear as Charlie Crews, which was never fashionable for his taste, remarking the shirt collar was too wide. I’ve said all this to remark that if you follow this man closely enough, you will find him a bit of a fashion snob. He can and always has been able to afford much better.Damian Not Nude

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